The best way to waste even more hours on your iPod

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iPod Monopoly Logo
Remember Monopoly, the game that you started on a Saturday night with your family but weren’t able to finish to almost a month later because it takes so long? Well, if you were waiting for that to come to the iPod, you’re in luck. Apple has now released Electronic Art’s Monopoly game via the iTunes Store for the slim price of $4.99. It is compatible with almost all current model iPods, but won’t work with your iPod Touch, iPhone, or computer.

Feature list after the break.

Here is a full list of features from the description:

  • Authentic classic board and pieces, animated player tokens, and property cards.
  • Intuitive click-wheel controls make it easy to roll dice, buy, sell and trade properties.
  • Gorgeous effects, vibrant animations plus rich music and sounds bring the game to life.
  • Play against the iPod or pass ‘n’ play with up to four players.
  • Customize the game rules to suit your style of play.

So, go ahead, waste more time on your iPod by playing a new digital version of Monopoly, we aren’t going to stop you. Just be warned, the money you may make in that game isn’t real and won’t help you get closer to buying the new iPhone when it comes out. Have fun!

Via [Inside Mac Games] Product [Monopoly]

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