SlingMedia preps up SlingPlayer for the iPhone, iPod touch

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SlingPlayer for the iPhoneSlingMedia is prepping up a new version of its SlingPlayer software for the iPhone and iPod Touch. SlingPlayer, which currently works with Macs, PCs and other mobile phone platforms, is software that lets users connect their devices to Sling’s Slingbox hardware, enabling them to watch live or prerecorded TV across the internet through their devices.

Although SlingMedia is not earmarking their software for a release just in time for the announcement of the new iPhone, the company will still demo the software using a “jailbroken” iPhone near the Moscone Center where the WWDC will be held.

To better test the performance of the software, SlingMedia will be releasing two versions of the SlingPlayer software: one version will work with “jailbroken” iphones, and the other will work with the official, “unadulterated” iPhones. But, once the software becomes final, SlingMedia will still market their software the legal way, and that is through Apple’s official App Store.

And yes, SlingMedia is hoping Apple will really be unveiling a 3G iPhone, since the SlingPlayer was proven to work best with 3G-enabled mobile handsets.

Via [Macworld]

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