New Mac dubbed the Mac Fusion?

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Mac Fusion Screen Shot
On the eve of this year’s keynote, TUAW has already received information and screen shots about a new “Mac Nano” that is being called the Mac Fusion. This mini computer is supposedly built for developers and comes with the tag lines, “Leave Windows behind. Build your Apps for OS X,” and “Bridge the Gap.” This rumor comes along with older rumors that a new Mac may be released at WWDC, but we will just have to wait and see.

The screen shots are clear enough to get the description, and it reads:

Building your applications for the Mac has never been easier. Mac Fusion was designed exclusively for new developers wishing to port their existing programs to the Mac without breaking the bank. Mac Fusion allows you to explore the power and stability of Mac OS X while keeping the ability to run alternate operating systems, such as Windows, or Linux, via Boot Camp.

Sounds like Apple is really going after getting more users to the Mac OS X platform this year, if this rumor is true. Only good can come from that, as it means there will be more developers for Macs, and, therefore, more applications from which to choose from. Let’s hope this one is true! Be sure to be here for our live blog at 10:00 a.m. PST to find out.

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