What the iPhone 2.0 software lacks

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iphone 2.0
At WWDC ’08, the new iPhone 3G was met with huge support by almost everyone. It had almost everything it needs to be the perfect smart phone.

  • One of the most missed features is Bluetooth Support for peripherals other then an phone headset. Many people who use the iPhone want to be able to use things such as a small, portable keyboard wirelessly with their iPhone, but the support is not there. Another use for wider Bluetooth support would be for Wireless headphones for music, but again, there is no Bluetooth support for peripherals other then Headsets.
  • Another missed feature was that of MMS (Multi-Media Messaging Service). Currently, you can only send text in the iPhone’s SMS (Short Messaging Service) application. Almost all other phones provide services through which one can send pictures and video in a text-message like way.
  • Copy/paste functionality was also skipped out on in iPhone 2.0. This was greatly missed in iPhone 1.0 and is surprisingly not a feature in the new version.
  • In iPhone 1.0, the pop-up keyboard for entering text was a bit of a disappointment. Surprisingly, Safari was the only application on the iPhone in which the keyboard rotated and could be used in landscape mode. All other applications on the iPhone with text-entering must still be used in portrait mode.
  • In iPhone 2.0, there is no Adobe Flash support. This is because Steve thinks the mobile version of Flash is insufficient for the iPhone, but Adobe says the iPhone couldn’t handle the real thing and doesn’t want to completely redesign an new version specifically for the iPhone.
  • Tethering is also not supported in the iPhone. Tethering is a service provided by most other phones, in which users can use their phone as a modem to connect to the internet via USB. Another greatly missed piece of software.
  • The iPhone continues to lack video recording capabilities. Almost all phones now can record video, even my piece-of-crap free-with-a-plan phone. But then again, iPhones in the UK will be free with certain plans.

Steve should seriously consider all of these options for iPhone 3.0, but he really should have made them available in iPhone 2.0.

Anything else I missed that you wanted to see in iPhone 2.0? Let your voice be heard below in the comments.

Via [Popular Mechanics]

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  • Josh

    I've got a question -
    Is MMS a feature that is reliant on hardware? Is it possible that MMS support could be added through future software updates?

  • Mark Rowland

    I'm pretty sure that it could be possibly part of a software update. There will also probably be many MMS options in the App Store.