MobileMe now available for preorder

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MobileMeMobileMe, Apple’s replacement for .mac which was announced on Monday at WWDC, is now available for preorder through Apple’s online store. Launching in July, the subscription based Internet service will cost $99 for a single user license, with a family plan that runs $149 a year. There’s also a $30 discount with the purchase of any new Macintosh.

From the Apple Store:

MobileMe stores your email, calendar, and contacts on a secure online server, or “cloud.” The cloud pushes the most current data to your iPhone, iPod touch, and computer so you’re always up to date. And your email, calendar, contacts, photos, and documents are accessible over the Internet through a set of easy-to-use web applications.

You also get easy photo sharing, 20GB of online storage, and more. For details, visit Apple’s website.

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  • Michael

    I still can't get over what an awful name "MobileMe" is, as cool as the service is….and I also hope that Apple still gives new users the option of a e-mail address… just sounds so dumb!

    "Snow Leopard" really isn't that great of a name for the new version of OS X, either. Does anybody else think that Apple is on a "naming drought"?