United Airlines connects your iPod or iPhone

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In an announcement made this morning, United Airlines talked about their plans to integrate iPod and iPhone docks into each first-class and business seat on international flights. The dock would connect the device to the 15.4-inch display on the back of every seat for a better viewing experience and for listening to your music. Also, the docks charge the iPod or iPhone when connected to provide the user with unlimited entertainment while on longer flights.

With the maiden voyage of the technology taking flight earlier today, United plans to have all international first class and business seats equipped with the docks in two year’s time.

“Our guests may now watch or listen to what they want, when they want, with programming they choose,” said United Airlines executive VP Graham Atkinson in a statement today. “United will continue to provide services and technology that makes our customers’ travel experiences more relaxed and enjoyable.”

With skyrocketing fuel prices, United’s motives are unclear. Why not use the large amounts of money it will take to install all these goodies and invest it in alternative fuel sources and efficiency for current planes? At least the planes are iPod Compatible.

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