Time to sell your old iPhone dock, as the iPhone 3G won’t fit on it

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iPhone DockFor those who are still clinging to their iPhone dock hoping they can use it for the iPhone 3G, well, don’t get your hopes to high, folks. An Apple Store employee confirmed that the old iPhone Dock will not fit in the iPhone 3G since it is shaped differently from the old iPhone.

So, be prepared to shell out a couple dollars more after getting your new iPhone if you are accustomed to using the docking station for your iPhone. Or, if you are planning to sell your old iPhone, including the old iPhone dock with it might increase your chances of getting a good deal. Better yet, if you are the sentimental type when it comes to your tech gadgets and you are not planning to part ways with your old iPhone, you might as well hold on to your old iPhone dock. That may be impractical, though, especially during this trying times.

Don’t we just wish Apple would have been generous enough to make the iPhone 3G as compatible as possible to old iPhone accessories? But that may be asking too much from Apple, the business company.

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  • Mike Cohen

    I don't care about the dock. I never use the dock with my current iPhone because I like to keep it in a case that won't fit in the dock. I use only the docking cable, since it can be used with the case. I'm sure a lot of iPod & iPhone users do the same.