New Zealand gets the 3G iPhone a day prior

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newzealandflagIf you are such an Apple fanboy that you must have your new 3G iPhone before absolutely everyone else, there is only one place you can go to fulfill that dream; hop a jet and head down to the land of the kiwis, and reap the benefits of the trip down there (48 hours and $5,000 later) and get your iPhone.

Recently, Vodafone NZ announced they will have the iPhone 3G available at their three major locations (Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch) at exactly 0:01 on July 11th (for those of you who don’t do 24 hour clocks, that’s the equivalent of 12:01 a.m.). Thus, the New Zealanders get the iPhone 3G a whole 19 hours before the actual employees of Apple out in Cupertino (its still 5:01 AM Thursday there when the iPhone 3G hits New Zealand).

And hey, maybe you can even get back stateside soon enough to rub it in peoples faces.

Via [Engadget]

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  • mark

    The interesting question is whether Apple's iTunes store will be ready 19 hours in advance!

    From Vodafone NZ (, it seems that the phone has to be activated via iTunes.

    Last year, I remember getting Leopard a day in advance, but there was no support on Apple's main site until it had launched in the States.