Spain, UK iPhone 3G pre-orders now total to 300,000, says Telefonica

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TelefonicaTelefonica, the official distributor of the the iPhone in U.K. and Spain was reported to have already received around 300,000 pre-orders of the iPhone 3G, which is slated for a worldwide release on July 11. A spokesman from the company said that online pre-registration for the the iPhone 3G has started coming in due to an earlier announcement that Telefonica will be selling the device earlier than the planned release date.

The figures don’t even include pre-orders coming in from the other countries where Telefonica is set to release the iPhone 3G come July 11, such as the Czech Republic and numerous Latin American countries.

With this kind of anticipation for the release of the iPhone 3G, it looks as if Apple will likely achieve its iPhone 3G sales target, provided, of course, they can supply the demand for it.

On the part of Telefonica, sales of the iPhone 3G will definitely help them boost their waning cellular revenue, which was severely affected by slowdown in consumer spending in the Spanish market.

Via [CNN]

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