Orbino offers stylish MacBook Air cases

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Aria MacBook Air CaseOrbino thinks the MacBook Air is a classy notebook. Classy notebooks need classy cases. That’s why they’ve created the Aria case for the MacBook Air. Available for pre-order with a $529 price tag, this case sports a hand folded leather exterior, as well as a durable aluminum frame. It comes with a padded shoulder strap and a removable accessory pack, and is available in four separate colors. It will begin shipping in July.

Orbino is no stranger when it comes to cases. With hand crafted, fine leather cases for iPods, laptops, and Palms, it seems like Orbino takes great pride in their work.

They also have an Arista MacBook Air case that is more like a bag, featuring a nice, long strap. It, too, comes in various colors and offers full protection, but this one only costs $349. These both seem a bit expensive for me, but if I spent $1799+ on a laptop, I sure would want it protected.

Product Page [Aria Case, Arista]

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