Apple’s deal with the devil: The true evil of exclusive carrier deals

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New York TimesDavid Pogue of The New York Times posted a Q&A with an AT&T public relations representative about AT&T’s plans for the release of the iPhone 3G, and it’s clear that they are out to fleece iPhone customers more than ever. Why not? There’s nobody for them to compete with!

We all should have seen this coming when Apple decided to enter into an exclusive 5-year deal with AT&T for the iPhone. Now that Apple has lowered the price of the iPhone to $199 in hopes of making it more affordable for the general public, AT&T has taken it upon themselves to raise their service rates for their basic iPhone plan from $60 to $70 — text messages not included.

Walt Mossberg also had a nice commentary about the evils of the wireless carriers and how they have been holding back the advance in technology in cell phones for years. This was from several months ago, but with the impending release of the iPhone 3G, it is especially relevant now.

Via [The New York Times]

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