Google releases a new version of GTalk client for the iPhone, iPod Touch

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Google Talk for the iPhoneJust in time for the release of the iPhone 3G in a week, Google has released a new version of its GTalk client for the iPhone and iPod Touch browsers. Google Talk works similarly to the web version, except when receiving instant messages. In this case, the application needs to be open in the Safari browser. Likewise, when you navigate away to another browser window or application, the IM status will be changed to “unavailable.” But, it will revert back to “available” status when you return to the GTalk window.

For its iPhone interface, Google Talk remained faithful to the web version when using your desktop. Most of the features of the desktop version were retained, including quicklist of contacts that you connect with the most, contact searching and managing multiple conversations.

To start using Google Talk on you iPhone or iPod Touch, just point your browser to

Via [Official Google Mobile Blog]

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