iPod Touch 2.0 software finally released

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iPod Touch iTunes Banner
With all of the Apple iPhone news yesterday, and even the early software release for iPhones only, iPod Touch users were probably feeling pretty left out. However, cry in depression no more, my fellow Apple product users; the 2.0 software update has finally arrived for your devices via the iTunes Store. Although it’s a bit late compared to the iPhone, I assure you that the wait is very well worth it. Definitely go and download it now!

The new 2.0 software adds the ability to download third party apps through Apple’s App Store. It also adds some other usual bug fixes as well as a few minor updates, like a scientific calculator. It is a major step forward from the 1.0 software, and makes your iPod Touch a much more useful device than it previously was. I highly recommend you download and install this software. However, keep in mind there is no jailbreaking method available to the public for it yet, but it will be coming soon.

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