iPhone 3G cases and accessories from Griffin

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iPhone 3G cases from Griffin
Griffin Technology, maker of all things iPod and iPhone, has announced the general availability of its protective cases and other accessories for the iPhone 3G. Griffin’s case offerings for iPhone 3G include Wave, Nu Form, Elan Form, Elan Clip, and Streamline. Other accessories available for iPhone 3G include TuneBuds, TuneBuds Mobile, SmartTalk and an array of connector cables.

  • Wave for iPhone 3G – Wave for iPhone 3G features wave-shaped contours that overlap and interlock. The double-helix closure provides greater surface area to hold the case together, providing greater security and protection. Wave allows full access to the iPhone audio jack, volume controls, connectors and touchscreen. The form-fitting case protects with durable polycarbonate at all corners and is available in four interchangeable colors: black, blue, pink, or white.
  • Nu Form with EasyDock for iPhone 3G – Nu Form is an impact-resistant, hard-shell case that protects the iPhone 3G in a slim, no-clip design. It includes a rigid, thin screen protector that guards against smudges, scratches and fingerprints, but doesn’t interfere with access to the touchscreen. Its EasyDock design makes Nu Form convenient to charge and is available in black or white.
  • Elan Form with EasyDock for iPhone 3G – Elan Form is a hard-shell leather case that snaps snugly around the iPhone 3G and offers triple protection in a slim, no-clip design. It bonds top-grain leather to hard-shell polycarbonate material, encasing the iPhone in two layers of stylish protection. This new revision of Elan Form incorporates Griffin’s EasyDock design, allowing users to conveniently dock their iPhone without completely removing the case. Elan Form with EasyDock is available in pink or black.
  • Elan Clip for iPhone 3G – Elan Clip is an elegant, genuine leather outer case wrapped around a durable polycarbonate shell. It features a belt clip that rotates 180 degrees so you can check your iPhone 3G without taking it off your belt. The clip also locks into an extended position so you can use it as a stand while watching movies. It can be used two ways: carry your iPhone face-in for maximum privacy and protection, or face-out for maximum convenience and access. Elan Clip comes with a static peel screen protector and a premium microfiber cleaning cloth.
  • TuneBuds and TuneBuds Mobile – TuneBuds and TuneBuds Mobile offer great sound for iPhone 3G with crisp clear highs and powerful, deep bass. They fit the ear snugly with a selection of bud sizes and conform to the ear for maximum comfort. TuneBuds Mobile features a cord made of nylon braiding for strength, good looks and durability and offers Griffin’s new ControlMic, a high-sensitivity microphone and control module, which allows for total iPhone control for both iPod and voice call functionality.
  • StereoConnect – StereoConnect is a simple, one-cable solution for iPod, iPhone, MP3 players and other devices that allows you to connect your iPhone 3G to a home entertainment system. It works with standard 1/8″ (3.5mm) stereo-mini headphone or audio-out jacks.

In addition, Griffin is also complementing the iPhone 3G experience with Elan Holster, Streamline, SmartTalk and SmartShare, as well as new apps for download such as its video poker game, 5 Card Touch.

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  • Ronald

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    It's a great time to personalize your iPhone by choosing any accessories that suit your personality and lifestyle. Apple Stores and most other consumer electronics specialty shops carry these cases. Do a careful search at an online auction site, such as eBay, and you may find them there.
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  • Ronnie Williams

    People love their iphones so much that one scratch can drive them crazy. It taking necessary measures such as buying a casing or some sort of protective cover is important to make sure that their iphone is safe from scratches or perhaps dents and cracks.
    Cases are out from Griffin Company which is mad from a combination of leather bonded to polycarbonate inner shell, available in four additional patterns including solstice taupe, stars, chess taupe, rewind and vintage brown. Many other attractive and stylish <a href="iphone" rel="nofollow">">iphone accessories are available at online shops which give you these at low and discounted price.