Doom coming to the iPhone?

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iPhone DoomThat’s right, Doom is coming to the iPhone. I’m not talking about the “terrible fate” sort of doom, I’m talking about the monster murdering, machine gun shooting game. John Carmack, a co-founder and key programmer over at id Software, says their mobile division is strongly looking at developing for the iPhone. He even stated he would’ve loved to have something ready at the launch of the platform, but timing and resources didn’t work out for him.

Mr. Carmack isn’t talking about some silly, small sized Doom look-a-like, either. He says they have a title they want to develop just for the iPhone, and that one of the cool things about the iPhone is that games can be megabytes, not just kilobytes, in size (which could mean he has something big up his sleeve). Even further yet, Carmack one day sees a life where there would be multiplayer combat through cellphones.

This guy is my hero.

Via [MacNN]

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  • ICHIkatakuri

    I have heard that id are making Wolfenstien RPG (like doom RPG on older mob's). Which is all well and good but I don't want to have turn based deathmatches on my iphone!
    What I really want is an FPS where you and you mates go to an open area, tell the iphone how big it is roughly, and then use gps to run around shooting each other avoiding imaginary walls by actually walking round them! You would look like idiots, but I'd bet it would be the most fun of any FPS ever. Like home laser tag that actually works 😀