How to waste your weekend – awesome, useless, and free iPhone apps

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As the weekend is here, I thought I’d round up some free apps from the App Store to help waste all the free time you might have, and maybe even some of the not-so-free time during next week.

My list of awesome, useless and free apps is up after the break.

  • TheMacBox updated their PhoneSaber app on Thursday. PhoneSaber turns your iPhone into a lightsaber. While you are busy swinging and flailing your arms around like the crazed Star Wars fan that you are, the app recreates the sounds of a moving saber with deflections and battle crashes. And, with the newest update, the saber runs in full screen, so you can feel the scorching power of a lightsaber in the palm of your hand.
  • Maverick Software has their More Cowbell! app that allows you to play the only instrument that will fill Mr. Walken’s prescription. Christopher Walken can be heard saying “I’ve gotta have more cowbell” from time to time while the program is running. The only way to stop him is to give the man what he wants and play that cowbell!
  • MixMeister Technology has been offering Scratch for some time now, but it’s still fun. Scratch allows your inner DJ out. You can pick from a number of audio files and scratch away to your heart’s content.
  • Masayuki Akamatsu has an app that’s borderline useful, but I think it deserves mention in this list. Banner Free transforms your iPhone into your own personal LED name badge. It will scroll through any message you care to type into it.
  • doapp, inc offers an app that is actually useful, but it’s free, and awesome. You’ve lost your keys, or can’t find your way in a dark room, well myLite Coloered Strobe and Flashlight has you covered. It will turn your screen any solid color, making it a great flashlight. Plus you can turn on a strobe effect to be the coolest kid at the rave.
  • Last on my list is Andy Qua’s Cube Runner. Cube Runner is a game that requires you to pilot a ship through a landscape that is littered with gigantic boxes. Realistic? No. Fun? Surprisingly, yes. The graphics are pretty bad, but it’s actually a very fun game. Three levels of difficulty are included with the game, but many more levels can be downloaded from the custom level repository.

Well I hope my list uncovered at least one or two apps that you don’t already have to help waste those precious minutes of boredom over the next week. If you’ve found some awesome, useless, and free apps, spread the love by leaving a comment.

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  • Darren

    I want to be the coolest person at the rave….the strobe light will make my robot dance the coolest…

  • Michael Goonan

    You beat me to posting this!. Oh well, I had some different ideas anyway, so maybe I still will.

    Great article!