How to check alignment for free with your iPhone

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Labyrinth Lite EditionIs the steep price of A Level keeping your pictures from being hung straight on the wall? I hear you, $.99 is huge. Well, it’s your lucky day, because I’ve got a quick and easy way to use another app to get all of the functionality of a standard level, and maybe even more. And chances are, you already have it.

Labyrinth Lite Edition is a great game. Judging by its number one position on the Top Free Apps list, I think most everyone else thinks it’s awesome as well. An excellent offering for free. The frame rate is superb, and the controls are spot on. Part of the reason the controls are spot on is that you can calibrate your iPhone or iPod Touch, so you can make sure that what the game thinks is level isn’t sideways.

While playing around with the game today, I realized that this calibration utility is actually an awesome level! It functions in two directions: X and Y, if you will.

All you have to do is launch Labyrinth, tap Settings, and there you have it. Actually, to get any real use out of it, you should properly calibrate your device. I’m not sure how accurate the accelerometers are, but it seems to be pretty sensitive. This could be a real time saver for hanging a picture or making sure other things are aligned correctly. Plus, after hanging that picture perfectly, you can quickly get back to what really matters: gaming!

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