Want to tether your iPhone to your Macbook? [2nd update]

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Nullriver NetShare Unavailable in US
Yeah, I didn’t think so. Not in the U.S., anyway, says Apple; at least, not without jail breaking your little friend. Though, for a minute there, it seemed Apple was cool with the idea of using your iPhone’s 3G or EDGE data connection over a SOCKS5 proxy.

Late Thursday night I was doing my usual routine—browsing the App Store for new programs that I just can’t live without—when I found myself in dire need of a reality check.

Nullriver NetShare
Nullriver released a straightforwardly named program to the App Store, NetShare. NetShare creates an ad-hoc WiFi network with your iPhone, allowing you to connect wirelessly to a computer and use the iPhone’s EDGE or 3G data connection. I’m guessing this app pretty much goes against the contract you might have with AT&T, though they normally charge an extra $30 for a tethering option. The app costs $10, and was available briefly in the U.S. App Store.

Not anymore, though. Clicking the iTunes product link below pulls up a “… request could not be completed” error for those with U.S. iTunes accounts. If you’re in a country outside the U.S., try it out and let us know if NetShare is available where you are.

Product [NetShare]

Update: It appears NetShare has made its way back to the US App Store. Though, whether this violates your contract is still a bit hazy.

2nd Update: Did you get to ride the NetShare roller coaster? It’s off of the App Store in the US once again. Who wants to take bets on when it’s coming back?

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