MozyHome for Mac, an alternative way to backup.

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MozyHome_MacToday the subject of backing up your computer is hot again. We’ve always known that if our information is important to us, we need to somehow find a way to make it safe and available for recover in case something goes wrong. After all, accidents happen.

Backing up, like so many other important tasks, has been one of those “I know I have to do it, but I’ll do it tomorrow” activities that we haven’t been able to include in our daily habits.

Some of us have been using every kind of method to backup our computer’s information. From the floppy disk through to dual layer DVDs, the industry always had some option for home users. If you’re part of an organization, maybe your data resides on a huge corporate hard disk, or even the magnetic tape drive of a few years ago.

Nowadays with the dropping price of the external hard disks and flash memory in general, the topic is in again, and many companies are bombarding the market with interesting proposals in order to make us reach that wanted status of “responsible user.”

One of those proposals is MozyHome for Mac. Mozy—an EMC Company—offers the Mac community the possibility to easily back up each computer’s information with just a few steps, and at a low price.

Once you’ve signed up for an account at Mozy’s home page, the steps to start backing up are very easy to follow:

  • Download and install the software (version 1.0 for Mac users).
  • Select files to be backed up (with a very sleek and “sexy” interface).
  • Let MozyHome for Mac do the rest.

Some of the features of this attractive service are:

  • Backing up of documents no matter if they’re open or closed.
  • 128-bit SSL encryption (as any bank will do to protect communications).
  • 448-bit blowfish encryption for files.
  • Automatic scheduled back up.
  • Change detection on files.
  • Incremental backup (just like Apple’s own Time Machine).

MozyHome requires Mac OS X 10.4 or 10.5. As metnioned, a MozyPro for Mac is being developed for corporative clients. If you’re looking for a backup option outside of you home or office, this one is worthy of consideration.

Product [MozyHome for Mac]

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  • Khürt Williams

    I've been using Time Capsule, Mozy, and Jungle Disk ( with Amazon S3 ) as part of my backup strategy. I use Mozy to backup the profiles of the Macs and Windows PCs in the home. Jungle Disk is used to backup the documents, music, and photos folders. TC is used to backup the rest of the machine.

  • Juan Gonzalez

    Wao! Khürt that's one great backup strategy.

    I guess you're one of the few exceptions out there. I currently use only TC with TM to do the backup of the laptop and desktop. It's my first real backup system since CDs and DVDs.

    Looking for other system to include in my strategy I found Mozy. If you're already using it I can assume that is a good one.

    Thanks for your comment.