iPhone nano!? Rumors point to “yes”

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iPhone Nano Mockup
If Daily Mail is to be trusted, then there is a possibility of a new iPhone nano dropping before the end of the year.

The article breathes new fire into the rumor rather briefly.

Apple is about to launch a nano version of the hugely successful iPhone. It is expected to be in the shops in time for Christmas.

The article continues to detail how they think an iPhone Nano would be made. They say it would be a cut down, smaller version of the iPhone with some potentially awkward inputs; a touch wheel on the back, and support for dialing the numbers from the back of the device as well, presumably to not sacrifice screen real estate.

The article had me going until they mentioned the part about input form the back, and a touch wheel. Fortune also has an article about the rumor. They also don’t see this as working for Apple. Although the price point should be lower, perhaps around $99, the article states they’d have to sell many times more for this to be profitable.

I think consumers want a nano version of the iPhone, which is why this rumor refuses to die. The virtual keyboard on the iPhone is one of the most complained about features, and I just don’t see another new type of input like this making things any better. Just to make things more difficult, would this new iPhone nano have the same screen resolution of the iPhone and iPhone 3G? If not, what then for the App Store? Would developers be forced into making numerous versions of their apps, would they just scale them down, or would apps not be available on the iPhone Nano?

Personally, I see too many problems with this rumor to believe it to be true. But, with Apple, you never know. Weigh in on what you think in the comments.

Via [Daily Mail]

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  • Caitlyn I.

    The thing that seems sketchy to me about all these iPhone Nano rumors is the click wheel on the back. Apple marketed the iPhone (and iPod Touch for that matter) as a revolutionary product because they do everything with the feel of a touch. Yes a click wheel is touch sensitive, but it requires the push of a button. I think Apple likes what they have going with all these touch-sensitive interfaces and would not go backwards in terms of that by adding more buttons to a simple, one-button device.

    Otherwise, however, I could see Apple releasing an iPhone Nano. I'm not entirely sure why, but I'm sure they would know why. When Apple released the iPod Nano, no one really saw the purpose for it, as we all already had the original iPod. But in the end, the iPod Nano became insanely popular. So, we'll just have to wait and see. Regardless, I trust that Apple knows what they are doing, whether they release an iPhone Nano or not.

  • Jon Jablewski

    Apple does not know what they're doing. They R&D;is probably running around Cupertino like chickens with their heads chopped off. iThis and iThat.

    go i**** yourselves you greedy electronic dictators.