Apple pulls Box Office app

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boxofficeThe iTunes App Store has seen a wide range of submissions, some of which Apple has deemed unacceptable. Apple has now gotten rid of the popular Box Office app, which displays Rotten Tomatoes film ratings on your iPhone/iPod touch. However, it seems the app was breaking none of Apple’s guidelines, and the developer was not even notified of what his app was doing incorrectly.

Apple pulled the app yesterday without giving my any notification that they were doing it, or what their justification was for removing it.

I’ve tried to contact them about the issue, but it’s been a complete dead end. If anyone has a useful contact number for apple, please let me know.

I’m in regular contact with all my data providers, and none of them have had an issue with my app. Indeed, the response was the exact opposite. They like my app and have even asked if i would do custom application work for them in the future. Furthermore, all the data I use is licensed by the owners as “free for non commercial use,” i.e. precisely what BoxOffice is.

My guess is that Apple either found a security risk in the app, or somebody in a position of power just out and out hates Rotten Tomatoes. Check back for more info as we get it.

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  • RobbieC

    Maybe removing BoxOffice has something with the fact that Steve Jobs is now the largest Disney shareholder since they acquired Pixar.