Appletell giveaway – Speck and Griffin cases for the original iPhone

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Original iPhone
Pity we poor, original iPhone owners, right? We see all these great new cases coming out for the iPhone 3G, while it’s pretty much the same ol’ same ol’ for us. What happened to the love? Where’s the excitement? Well, it’s right here at Appletell, as we’re going to give away four iPhone cases from Griffin and Speck.

Jump past the break for product details and contest rules.

The iPhone cases we’re giving away are the:

All of these units have been opened, but not used, and will ship to the winner in their original box.

For your chance to win all four of these cases, use the comments area below to let us know just what’s so dangerous out there that you need to protect your iPhone from it. Maybe you work in a nuclear power plant. Maybe you play on a roller derby team. Maybe you’re Batman. Whatever. Just let us know, and we’ll decide who’s most deserving. We’ll stop taking entries on Sunday, August 10th, at midnight, and the winner will be announced the following week. Winners will need to check back with Appletell to claim their prize.

Good luck!

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  • Matt

    I need to protect my iPhone from the pending apocalypse of December 21, 2012 (it's all the rage right now!) So be it an asteroid, alien attack, or super death-volcano, I will rest assured that my iPhone will live to tell the story of our demise.


  • Felix

    The Underpants Gnomes… I'm sure you've heard the play they've implemented:

    Phase 1: Steal underpants
    Phase 3: Profit

    I'm not sure what happened to Phase 2, but I'm pretty sure it involves my iPhone.

  • Bryk

    I must protect my new (to me, at least) iPhone from the frightening, terrifying, nay, TOOTHY jaws of Elliott the Schnoodle:

    Sorry to pimp my dog, but seriously, how could you NOT give that adorable face a free iPhone case?

  • Anne

    I need it because i'm a secret agent that needs to protect my phone from various obstacles like explosions, 100 ft falls and climing

  • Jeff

    I need to protect my iPhone from my habit of sliding it across the pavement after I try to open the door with my mouth. Yeah, I know.

  • Leo

    well, I am planning to buy one, it is coming to us this August 22, so need to protect first before buying. lol, just joking.

  • Ralph

    I can give you four good children (reasons) I need to protect my iphone:

    1. Evan
    2. Katie
    3. Nate
    4. Nick (especially Nick!)



  • delimared

    Well I'm a socialite..ha ha. I meet so many people over coffees, lunches & teas. It would not do for a socialite to have an iPhone without a cover eh. Hey, that' not stylish ain't it? In any case I would like my iPhone to stay immaculate as how any iPhone should be with those gorgeous covers. Looking forward to receiving them soon. Yay in advance….

  • Swaroop

    I am afraid to take out my iphone when its bare ! :(

  • Gustav

    What's so dangerous out there?!? Are you kidding me? Everything! Danger lurks everywhere! One place is the innards of my pockets. This is where you think it's safe, but it's not, oh no, not even remotely. I don't if it's my lighter or the change or maybe the keys, but something is scratching the crap out of my iPhone. Probly the keys. Let's see… Gravity. The ground is a far way from the height at which my phone usually operates. I'm tall, so, I can't help that. There you go, my iPhones two greatest foes, Pockets and Gravity. Oh yea, and seriously, I actually am Batman, so I need the black case.

  • Dan

    I have my charger cable set on my nightstand next to the bed for it's alarm feature. The problem is, I am not a morning person and have absolutely zero coordination upon waking. So at least once a week, when waking to shut off the alarm, I end up grabbing futilely for the iPhone and it ends up crashing to the ground. I've been through 3 iPhones already (thank you warranty!) but am worried, with the 3G out, that if I break this one I won't be able to receive a replacement.

    That and my habit of keeping my iPhone in my pocket, which wouldn't be a bad thing, however I have a tendency to pay for everything with paper bills which results in a huge pool of coins in my pocket which can do damage to an iPhone.

  • 30312


  • andrew

    i need it cause im scared to drop it im already on my second iphone i was gonna go for a record and go for 5 but my parents will kill me it i break this one and I ride bikes and i dont want it to break when i crash im pretty good but I i cant risk it getting damged

  • dedajay

    I need to protect my iPhone and keep it in pristine condition because it's an original and therefore the best.
    I am also hearing that I need to protect my property from angry 3g owners who have had the misfortune of having their phone melt in their pockets, the new plastic casing slowly cracking and dust collecting under the screen… But you didn't hear this from me, I don't engage in gossip…
    Sorry I must rush off now, an envious coworker/3g owner just walked into the room; must hide my phone. (gosh I REALLY need a new case, sigh)

  • David K. Kleinberg

    There are alien forces linked into The ATT system that are seeking the "roginal" iPhone. They are afraid of black, that is why I NEED a black classic case for my iPhone.

  • fatty

    Living in the desert, sandstorms are my iPhone's worst nightmare. So much so in fact, I try to play Darude's Sandstorm, and the iPhone brings up a crying face. :'(

  • Aldo

    I live in Agrilandia, we had the most dangerous highways in the world!!!

  • DJ

    I need to protect my iphone from the sand and surf

  • Joe

    Electronics are fragile. I paid the same for my iPhone as I did for my PS3 and I wouldn't exactly go slinging my PS3 around without protection. I also probably wouldn't put it in my pocket with my keys. But I guess what I'm trying to say is that a proper case is definitely a necessity with such an expensive device and while the iPhone is definitely at it's sexiest when it's completely naked, the right case can protect it's most important parts and still look hot, like a good string bikini. Especially that Speck SeeThru case, mmmmm.

  • Jim

    I work in a Home Improvement Store and need to keep it safe from the concrete floors and froklifts from running over it. Of course all the dang customers from trying to steal it.

  • Scott

    I need to protect my iPhone from the hard rocky pavment I'm a bmx racer and my phone has slipped out of my pocket and I already have scrachesand my dad will kill me

  • Yvonne

    I have a relationship with my iPhone. For the last year my iPhone has gone with everywhere with me.

    But, there is much danger. I have a 15-month old who finds great joy in chewing on mom's iPhone and then throwing it into her toybox.

  • Kurt

    That metal and glass iPhone gets slick and I keep dropping it! Especially when talking on the phone while eating Fried Chicken in rush hour traffic! On a related note, those older hard plastic steering wheels can be a problem as well. Note to Travelers: While in Seattle stay clear of older pick-up trucks weaving in traffic near the waterfront.

  • Barry Rood

    i am constantly bullied by the kids at school and need to protect my phone from the hail of spittle comming out of their mouths as they shout
    "Sir this is boring!"
    "i dont get it!"
    "when is the bell gonna go!"
    "it wasn't me"
    "he started it"
    "I'm telling"