iPhone 3G to cost $1000 plus in the Philippines

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Globe TelecomAs soon as it was announced that the iPhone 3G is coming over to some other countries on Aug. 22, a local mobile distributor in the Philippines, Globe Telecoms, put up its official product site. It was pretty exciting to learn that we Filipino Apple fans are finally getting the iPhone in a legit way, having been skipped during last year’s first generation iPhone launch. Unfortunately, Filipinos will have to pay too much to get themselves an iPhone unit as soon as it comes out. How much? A whooping $1,000 plus for the plan-free 16GB iPhone unit. That amount was computed based on a US dollar-Philippine peso exchange rate of $1=P44.3.

iPhone 3G Globe Philippines Data Service Plans

Other than offering the iPhone 3G under a plan-free scheme, Globe Telecoms is also offering the iPhone 3G under various data plans. The cheapest among these data plans would require subscribers to pay out around $503 for the unit and get tied up with a 24-month data service contract with a monthly service fee of around $36. The highest post-paid plan would entail subscribers to payout around $124 with a 24-month data service contract. Subscribers getting either of these plans will get various data service plan features, such as a certain number of free hours Wi-Fi usage, free sms, and free local mobile internet hours, among other things.

Now, granting that these Globe Telecoms data services and features are in the perusal of subscribers using their iPhone 3G, and considering also the high foreign exchange rates and local importation taxes, one couldn’t help but question though why Apple would allow such pricing schemes for the iPhone 3G? Wouldn’t this taint the iPhone 3G’s image as being projected by Apple to be a not-so-expensive mobile phone?

I can’t blame Globe Telecoms for offering the iPhone at such a high price, which is almost equal to the current local market price of the cheapest Apple MacBook computer. But isn’t this putting a high premium on the iPhone 3G too much considering that the MacBook pro is still superior in features as compared to a mobile phone such as the iPhone 3G?

And the final question to ask is whether this will affect the iPhone 3G’s sales in the Philippines. Would this not prevent the iPhone 3G from conquering the local Manila mobile phone market?

Via [Globe Telecoms Philippines]

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  • joey

    I'm confused by the point you are trying to make here.

    You question why Apple allowed Globe's pricing schemes (which you feel are expensive) for the iPhone 3G when Apple is trying to project it as a "not-so-expensive mobile phone." Yet you use the 16G iPhone which is the most expensive phone. Common sense dictates that you are arguing on the wrong premise. If you want to talk affordable then use the 8G iPhone 3G as an example. Play fair.

    Now, before you argue that even then it's expensive, I suggest you look at this chart (though incomplete) and see what the other providers in the rest of the world are charging. <; Youll find that Globe's rates fall within the middle of the range. (Aren't you happy you're not Belgian?) I personally think that what Globe is charging isn't so bad. Of course lower would be better but I'm not complaining.

    And then you further confuse your point by comparing the price of the 16G iPhone to a MacBook and then in the following sentence compare the iPhone 3G to a MacBook Pro. Where's the logic in that?

    I'm sorry but I really don't think that you know what you're talking about.

    To answer your final question. I don't know if the iPhone can conquer the local Manila mobile phone market , but I'm pretty sure that all the iPhones that Globe will be bringing in will be sold.

    Perhaps should put some more effort in research and understanding before coming up with this kind of drivel. Maybe then they'll increase your pay and you won't have any issues with buying an iPhone.

  • Louie

    Joey are you from the Philippines? Kindly google this up "globe iphone 3g".

    Even the 8gb is expensive.

  • joey


    Yes I am from the Philippines and am aware of the current offerings of Globe for the iPhone 3G.

    I think you're missing the point.

    It really is not right to say that just because it costs $199 in the US it should cost the same here or everywhere else in the world. Arnold, to his credit, pointed out that foreign currency fluctuations and importation taxes, among many things affect the pricing.

    If you bothered to check out the link, you'd find that in Belgium they charge $822 for the same 8G iPhone that you find expensive. And yet, all iPhones are already sold out and there is a long waiting list (see vorst's comment here <;). Same goes for New Zealand where its $414 for the same 8G iPhone.

    More importantly, expensive is relative. It's not the best example but the Porsche Cayenne S that sells for $59,400 in the US sells for $150,000 here yet people still buy it without a complaint.

    As I said in my comment I won't complain if Globe offered lower rates, but I think that what they are offering now is quite reasonable, all things considered.

  • Mochan

    Steve Jobs did say that it was supposed to be 199$ standard internationally.

    Thing is both Apple and Globe are being duplicitous in their marketing. Apple's marketing line is something like "twice as fast for half the price" which means 3G for $200 as opposed to 2G for $400. Anyone with half a brain should know that this means you pay $200 for the phone BUT you get tied up to a plan for a year or two.

    It's the same as those commericals where you see a product being touted as really cheap… except there's always a catch. I am reminded of the Toyota commercial which says, "Instead of getting a cup of coffee everyday, you could be driving a Toyota." And true enough, your monthly amortization would amount to about 200php a day, about the price of a nice vente Starbucks frap. But it doesn't tell you that in order to get that amortization rate you would need to pay 50% down or like 400,000php.

    It's hilarious though how many people didn't understand this when the iPhone 1 was announced at $400 — and were crying when they were getting killed on their monthly plan payments. And it's even more hilarious that people TODAY still didn't learn the first time around and were actually expecting they could walk away with an unlocked iPhone for just $200, not straddled with any locked in monthly plan.

    Globe is living up to their end of the bargain. You can get the 3G Iphone for about $200 — less actually — get Plan 5000 and you get the 16GB 3G iPhone for like $150US. Hell, you can even get the 8GB model for for free at that plan. Just don't forget to pay your monthly of about $113US!

    So when people go around whining that the phone costs 40k php (or about $1,000US all I can do is laugh at how stupid people are to buy into marketing propaganda.

  • joeysucksglobesass




  • fkkkyoujoey


  • martin

    interesting exchange here. i for one personally think that globe's iphone pricing is still way too much. globe could have really maximized this to steal market share but instead, i'm quite certain they'll get so much negative press from this. one can't compare the price to other countries by just applying the forex — a P70 mcdo value meal here is P250 there. sigh. this is a monumentally big marketing mistake on pricing that globe will surely pay for.

  • joey


    I do agree with your assessment, but just to clarify, i reviewed the keynote, and at 1:40 steve says "… and in ALMOST every one of these countries, the price is a maximum of $199…" so i think even back then he knew that there would be some differences in pricing.

    To the others,

    No I don't work for globe, but I do understand marketing. And as Mochan said, you guys were just too stupid to figure things out and now resort to ranting and name calling.

    You can call me an Apple fanboi as my friends do but I am most certainly not an asskisser of Globe. Actually it's Globe that's kisssing mine as a Platinum subscriber.

    Though I didn't want to say it then, but it seems opportune now, maybe you guys really aren't the target market of Globe or even the iPhone. Perhaps you should transfer your subscription to the more affordable providers like Touch Mobile, Smart or Sun. Ü

  • Yong

    Well said Joey! It's so funny, they even accused you as a Globe employee hahaha! I think they really don't understand what Apple's real market is.

    If you can't afford it, don't buy it. Mind you guys it's not expensive if you compare it to other Telcos.


  • joey + Yong

    couple of "spoiled" rich kids here

  • nokiasamsungsonyericsson

    hay nako. ganito lang kasimple ito. if you really really want it, then pay for it. if you find it expensive, don't get it. and maybe say a prayer that the rest of the market acts the same way so that it will force globe to bring their rates down or force the iphone into oblivion, which is highly unlikely because there is nothing quite like it yet. para naman kasing walang alternatives. sus. daming reklamo.

  • Vino

    Finally i come across a forum about the globe iphone where someone is correcting the many people who's complaints don't make sense. They lambast globe for overpricing the iphone from 199 to 1k and thinking the price should be the same with or without contract.

  • Jeez

    I'd call you wankers, but people like you tend to think that's a compliment. How about "Globe employees"? Get a fucking grip. The guy's just blogging his opinion. If you have a problem with it and have enough time to hijack his comments section with your feeling rich boy inanity, start your own friggin' blog.

  • nokiasamsungsonyericsson

    jeez. that's right. that's what intelligent discussion is all about. name-calling. yeah. use friggin and wankers and #######. Great. and accuse someone of being a rich boy. then again, you do have to be a rich boy to afford an iphone. so maybe i'll let you off the hook there. that's not name-calling. that's just reality.