An Apple special event in September? Again? Maybe…

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iPod Touch9to5Mac is reporting that analysts at Piper Jaffray are predicting Apple will hold a special event this September to make some new announcements. These new announcements, according to the analysts, include new iPods and Macs.

This rumor does not site any insider sources, but seems to be purely speculation. Gene Munster, one of the analysts, points out that Apple has held a special event every September for the last three years, so it’s not that hard to believe that they would do it again. What about Apple Expo 08?

Munster doesnt believe we will be seeing the MacBook Touch, but possibly will hear about the redesigned aluminum MacBooks at a sub-$1000 price point (read $999). MacBooks have not been available below four digits since they were called iBooks. A redesigned MacBook Pro, along with a smaller (yes, smaller) MacBook Air is also likely, he says.

Apple is expected to expand their usage of multi-touch, and eventually switch from the traditional trackpad to a multi-touch capable color screen. This is actually the most exciting part of this rumor, in my opinion.

Munster continues his predictions with higher capacity iPod nanos and shuffles, with prices remaining the same. He also thinks we could see an iPod touch redesign with a lower price, which would make sense to consumers who see an 8GB iPhone 3G for $199 but an 8GB iPod Touch for $299 (ignoring any contracts).

None of this is new, but more of a regurgitation of things we’ve already heard. Rumors have been flying about the MacBook redesign, hints at a new iPod Touch have been found in future Firmware updates, and higher capacity iPods have been pretty much the norm. The prediction for a special event in September is also pretty safe; as Munster pointed out, they’ve done it for the past three years, why not again?

I’m sad to see another report of the long rumored MacBook Touch being put off until 2010. Apple has spoken about new technology that other companies just can’t compete with; if it’s not the MacBook Touch, what is it? Is a color screen multi-touch trackpad enough for now? Weigh in on the comments.

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