Jobs clears up some App Store mysteries, confirms kill…lever?

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iPhone kill lever
We’ve been lead to think the iPhone both does and does not have an app kill switch. First it does, then it’s not really a kill switch, it’s really a location kill switch for certain apps. Well, the truth is out, and it’s not a switch. It’s actually a lever.

Engadget reported on a Wall Street Journal interview with Steve Jobs that may be able to clear up some of the mysteries of the App Store. Jobs has this to say of the rumored app lever.

“Hopefully we never have to pull that lever, but we would be irresponsible not to have a lever like that to pull.”

So, there you have it; the lever exists. Appk can kill your programs any time they want. Thankfully, it sounds as if they don’t really want to. Steve went on to explain that phones are no longer about just the physical, like radios and antennas, but about the software. So, I think it’s safe to say Apple will only be killing malicious apps that were erroneously accepted into the App Store.

Jobs also spoke briefly about the popularity of the App Store. Already, 60 million programs have been downloaded, accounting for around $30 million since launch. I really don’t think it’s any surprise the App Store is popular, but it is very interesting to see some real numbers.

Steve also cleared up one more App Store mystery. You may have heard of an app called “I Am Rich.” It’s an app that does nothing other than display a red glowing gem on the screen of the iPhone. It cost $999.99 when it was available on the App Store, but has been pulled. In the short time it was available, eight people purchased the program…not sure if they were all on purpose. Jobs said it was a “judgment” call to pull the app from the store.

It’s interesting to note that the “lever” still has not been pulled. With other apps disappearing from the App Store like BoxOffice and NetShare, it seems Apple is very reluctant to use their method of killing apps. So do you trust Apple with their lever?

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