iTunes app updating bug fixed? [Update]

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iTunes app updating bug fixed
Maybe it was the 2.0.1 iPhone firmware update, or more likely the iTunes 7.7.1 update, but it seems that Apple has fixed the iTunes app updating process.

This morning, I woke up to find five updates for my iPhone apps. Previously, iTunes had issues with figuring out how to update apps: It would find many more updates than were appropriate for your app collection; it thought that some apps needed to be updated more than once at the same time, when there was only one update available; there was an issue with iTunes creating duplicates of apps and trying to update each one.

For some, this was not an issue, because downloading 50+ apps isn’t a big deal for those with enough bandwidth. The apps only updated once on the device, so after downloading the updates, it was a minor annoyance. But if bandwidth is an issue, this bug was a huge pain.

In any case, I was delighted to see that only five updates were available for five programs this morning.

So, it seems—for me, at least—that this issue has been resolved. I’d like to hear if this is the case for everyone. If you’ve had app updates since the newest patches for iTunes and the iPhone, did they download correctly?

[Update] It appears this issue isn’t fixed. I may have just gotten lucky with my app updates. As Steve would say, App Updates aren’t yet up to “Apple Standards.”

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  • Adam Fisher-Cox

    Still a total mess for me, too.

  • John Kane

    Yup, my iTunes always says 1 Update Available when in fact there are none available.

  • Barry Ward

    It is still a mess for me. It still makes a duplicate in the Mobile Applications folder instead of replacing the old one, thereby leaving you with several copies of the same game. And last time I had an update, it still listed a dozen or so of my other apps that I know did NOT need updating. It's becoming a bit of a farce, and looks very unprofessional by Apple's standards.
    I have also been on the Apple forum regarding the update problems, and I know I am not on my own with suffering from them still, even with the new iTunes 7.7.1.

  • Barry Ward

    I would like to add to the above with the following-
    My friend today was told there was 1 update available, and so clicked the button to go to the update page, only for it to tell him there were no updates available!
    This is DEFINITELY not fixed, trust me.

  • Adam Fisher-Cox

    STILL this hasn't been fixed. They are not replacing the app files, but renaming them App1 and so on. How is that hard to fix!?