Google Translate for iPhone Introduced

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When the iPhone SDK was first released, one of the big trends we saw were iPhone Web Apps springing up across the board. Websites such as Facebook jumped on the bandwagon with their web apps that let the user use a version of the website made especially for the device. Although that trend has slowed down in favor of iPhone-Native apps of late, there are still a few more notable web apps showing up. When Google engineers Allen Hutchinson and David Signleton noticed that the Translate feature of worked less then great on the iPhone, they decided to take matters into there own hands. Their resulting work has just been released as the Google Translate for iPhone BETA.

The iPhone version has all the features of the non-iPhone site, and then some. Not only does it have all the languages available on the site, but those languages are taken from the Google Translate API, so getting new languages as they are made available on the regular site is a cinch. Another handy feature is search storing, so you can look back at your past searches to save a lot of time. The only current known issues deal with Arabic characters in Safari and some redirecting issues.

Via Arstechnica

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