Original iPhone case giveaway winner announced

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Original iPhone
The entries have been submitted, and a winner has been selected in our Speck and Griffin iPhone case giveaway. Yes, we know everyone’s focus is on the iPhone 3G, but there are still many owners of the original iPhone out there in need of a few cases. It’s a dangerous world, after all, and we learned from the contest that there are many iPhone denting, scratching and destroying hazards out there we hadn’t dared to consider: dogs, children, zombies, gravity, keys, jealous coworkers, sand storms, highways, fried chicken…the list goes on.

The winner, though, was selected because his reason left us with a dozen images of why he needs the cases, each of them more painful than the rest. Congratulations to Jeff, who submitted the following the entry:

I need to protect my iPhone from my habit of sliding it across the pavement after I try to open the door with my mouth. Yeah, I know.

Uh, Jeff? We’re not even sure what that means. Did you trip and fall into a door? Crash your bike into one? Or were your hands full with groceries, and you thought you’d try to open the car door with your mouth? And this is a habit?!

Never mind, we don’t want to know. Just take your cases. Use one on your phone, and form the others so they fit their teeth.

Congratulations to Jeff, and thanks to all who entered. Check back with Appletell throughout the week, as we have another great iPhone related giveaway already in the queue.

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