Appletell giveaway – Moto Racer and Big Bang Sudoku for iPhone [update: 100% more swag]

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Wingnuts Moto Racer and Big Bang SudokuCourtesy of our friends over at Freeverse, Appletell this week is giving away free copies of Wingnuts Moto Racer and Big Bang Sudoku for the iPhone and iPod touch. And to sweeten the pot, we’re now throwing in digital copies of Big Bang Brain Games and Hordes of Orcs for Mac or PC.

Developed exclusively for the iPhone and iPod touch, Moto Racer provides a unique racing experience in the palm of your hand. Utilizing the device’s built-in accelerometer, Moto Racer features intuitive motion sensitive control, which allows you to steer your vehicle by physically tilting the device either to the left or to the right, giving you the extra precision that you need to make it to the checkered flag in one piece.

Check out our Wingnuts Moto Racer review for more.

For those with puzzles on the brain, get ready for the finest Sudoku game this side of the Rio Grande! Based on the wildly popular and award winning Big Bang Brain Games, Big Bang Sudoku delivers a best-in-class experience that will keep even the most determined sudoku fan entertained for ages. Developed by people who ride the NYC subway, Big Bang Sudoku has been designed with beautiful art and intuitive gameplay in mind, with an easy one-handed control scheme, 10,000 puzzles, 4 different levels of difficulty, “pencil marks,” and a hint mode. Big Bang Sudoku has been built from the ground up to fully take advantage of the iPhone and iPod touch’s unique display and touch interface to create a one-of-a-kind Sudoku experience.

Now, for one reason or another, we haven’t had many entrants in this competition. Maybe Sudoku’s not your thing. Maybe you don’t care about kidnapped felines. Fair enough…I kind of feel the same way. But, do you care about protecting your village from Orcs? Of course you do. So, Freevere has now offered to include a digital copy of their tower defense game Hordes of Orcs.

Hordes of Orcs is a “Tower Defense” game in which you must build walls and lethal towers to defend your village from the Orcs emerging from, what the village elders call, “The Glowing Portal of Really Bad Things That We Should Have Bricked-Up a Long Time Ago.” Sadly, the Portal is un-bricked and the Orcs are very, very hungry. If 20 Orcs make it to your village, you’re toast.

But that’s not all. Freeverse is also giving away (via download) the complete Big Bang Brain Games:

Six classic games designed to stimulate the cerebellum, cajole the cortex, and gratify the grey-matter! Stunning graphics and witty characters make Big Bang Brain Games a truly “Best of Class” experience. The latest research has shown that the use of memory and puzzle games can help create new pathways in the brain, keeping the mind sharp, or at least more limber.

Both Hordes of Orcs and Big Bang Brain Games are Mac and Windows compatible.

To win this gaming package, with a retail value of nearly $75 of your U.S. dollars [cue applause], you simply need to…well, let’s see. Let’s make it relevant. In Moto Racer, you speed across the world in an attempt to get back your stolen kitten. Now, I’m not walking to the end of my drive to get back a stolen kitten, let alone across the world, but I would if someone were to steal my collection of autographed Seattle Seahawks mini-helmets. So, I put it to you…what’s the one thing you’d race across the globe to get back if it was stolen from you. And here’s a hint…you’re not going to win if you pick anything by Apple. Too obvious.

Let us know in the comments below. You have until Sunday, August 17th, at 11:59 p.m., EST. The winner will be announced early next week. Good luck!

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  • pear

    my girlfriend :)

  • Madhu

    It's cheesy, but my son's autographed Michael Jordan jersey. It means the world to him, and he means the world to me.

  • Tommi

    My dear leprechaun. I love to have a pizza with my leprachaun, mozzarella and tasty swiss cheese. So, I really miss my darling leprechuan…..let's find him across the world

  • Christopher Gillett

    Any of my family.

  • Alexandra Iturralde

    My internet connection, probably. Encompasses quite a lot once you think about it- connections to friends (email, Facebook) is an important one, but I use things like Pandora Radio a lot, too.

  • Bessamy

    My simple-minded but increadibly fast yorkie Corey. I chased after him on logging trails for three hours. Man that little dog can run!

  • Barbara Baker

    I would go anywhere I needed to get back my computer if it were takend from me!!!! Well, my kids too, but that's only obvious to assume that I am a mother and would track every step of this earth and beyond to find them!!!

    A great giveaway indeed!

  • Stephen

    I would run anywhere in the world for a muffin. Enough said.

  • Bob Turkel

    My health!

  • Adam D

    It would have to be my ability to love. Think about it, what would this world become without love?

  • Barbara Baker

    Who ever ended up winning this great prize? Just wondering…

  • Kirk Hiner

    Hello, Barbara. The winner was Adam D. You can read the announcement [url=]here[/url].