Appletell review – DataCase, wireless storage utility for iPhone and iPod Touch

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Provides: Wireless storage ability for the iPhone and iPod Touch
Developer: Veiosoft
Price: $6.99
Availability: Now
Version Reviewed: 1.0

If you’ve been waiting for the right program to allow your iPhone to store files, your wait might be over. DataCase is out of beta and in the App Store. If early reviews on iTunes are to be trusted, this might be the best wireless storage solution yet for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

DataCase Main ScreenWe reported earlier on Veiosoft’s decision to delay the release of DataCase from the originally planned launch date of July 28. Veiosoft wanted to release an app as close to bug-free as possible. I think they’ve done a great job.

DataCase allows you to store any file you can fit on your device. You can access your device wirelessly through Bonjour, AFP, HTTP and FTP. So, no matter what system you are using—Mac, Linux, (heaven forbid, Windows)—DataCase has your back. If you initially have problems with connecting on a Mac (like I did), try this. Open a new Finder window. In the menu bar, click Go, then Network. Your device should show up here if you have DataCase running. I just want to note that this small issue was a problem with my system, not DataCase. Otherwise, DataCase should show up under your Shared section in the finder.

DataCase also functions as a viewer for many file types. Basically, DataCase can open any format the iPhone recognizes. So, you can open pictures, PDFs, MS documents, MP3s, MV4s, and text files. You can still store other file formats; DataCase just won’t open them for you. But it’s still useful if you need to have certain files with you.

DataCase Files ScreenWith DataCase, you can make sure you have all of your important files with you at all times. Need to share some pics with other family members? Maybe you want to carry your resume with you at all times. As long as it fits on your device, you can carry it with you. Plus, with the viewing feature, you can use DataCase as a book reading utility. Have a book you’ve been meaning to read in PDF format? Just connect up with DataCase and transfer it over. DataCase even shows the file transfers while they happen. There’s a progress bar and label for each file, with an estimated time of arrival. File transfers were very fast over my network.

A quick tip: You can create a bunch of partitions with DataCase, and, when you do, you have some nice options. You can control how the folder is accessible (permissions, and which transfer protocols), but, most importantly, there is an option to have iTunes back up your files. Or, alternatively, you can have iTunes skip out on this too.

I just wish they could sync my whole device to my computer without a USB cable, but that’s not going to happen until Apple gets involved. Until then, I think I’ll be very happy with DataCase. So if you’ve been holding out for the best iPhone wireless utility, you can stop waiting. DataCase is available now on the App Store now for $6.99

Appletell Rating:
5 out of 5

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