Podcast syncing: one huge omission from iPhone

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PodcastsIn addition to many features Apple overlooked in the YouTube app on the iPhone (think user pages, search results that actually find what you’re looking for, ability to log in and see subscriptions, etc.), Apple made a huge omission to the iPod app on the iPhone and the iPod touch: Podcast Syncing.

Why don’t podcasts update on the road? Apps do. We can buy music on the iTunes WiFi Store, and its library continually updates. There are tons of RSS apps that update. So, why can’t podcasts?

I understand why it wouldn’t be good for them to automatically download, but I would think that at least the titles could download, and the user can choose which ones to download fully.

Maybe there’s something I’m missing. Do you see any reason this can’t be done? Sound off in the comments.

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  • Nicholas

    I totally agree. I never did understand why Apple wouldn't allow portable podcast syncing, but I figure it has something to do with wanting iTunes to be the master of the iPhone 😉