Late night blaze damages Apple Valley Green Six Building

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At around 10 p.m. Pacific Time (1 am Eastern Time) last night, a fire broke out at at the Valley Green Six Building at Apple’s Cupertino Headquarters. All of the nearly 100 employees at the Apple R&D Building were forced to evacuate as the blaze started; fortunately, no injuries of any kind have been reported. According to an NBC report, the fire was caused by a faulty air conditioner. Sixty-six firefighters were called to the 3-alarm fire, and it took the almost four and a half hours just to get the fire under control. The Valley Green Six building, luckily, was the only affected building. The main area of the Apple complex is fairly far away from the building. Senior Communications Dispatcher Rafael Salcedo said that most of the damage was not from the fire, but rather the large amounts of smoke.


As this was an R&D building, there is no telling what went on in there before it burnt. Hopefully, none of the future Apple goodies (iTablet? New Macs?) were hurt in the fire, but I doubt we’ll be getting any direct information on that. Catch a video of the action here.


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