Five sources for free Sims 2 downloads

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Five sources for free Sims 2 downloadsThe Sims 3 has been in development since 2006, and a Mac version has been confirmed. In the typical spirit of computer games, the Mac version will come out a few months after our PC friends already have it running. While we Mac users wait a few months (the PC version isn’t due out until Q1 2009), I’ve found a few sites for some goodies to add to Sims 2. Expansion packs for the game add many new objects, clothing and other items to the game. Several fansites have put out goodies on the net for free, which allow you to add new objects, skins, hair, whatever, at no cost.

Some sites make you pay to add objects to the game. In the EA Tools End User License, it states that any third party material created for the game is owned by EA, and must be “… on your personal noncommercial website for the noncommercial benefit.” So, any sites that charge for bonus content or that have a subscription model are violating the license. What I’m trying to get to is that you shouldn’t feel guilty downloading free stuff; the pay sites are the ones who are breaking the rules.

To install these objects, place the download in the “Documents/EA Games/The Sims 2/Downloads” folder. (Note: They can be nested in one level of sub-folders.)

  1. Pimp My Sims has a great selection of clothing and skins, though it is a bit lacking in objects. Most of the clothes sport a modern look to them to keep your Sims in style.
  2. Around the Sims 2 has a quite a bit of everything for the game. Almost all the downloads are available in multiple colours; though, if you don’t donate, you’ll have to download each colour separately.
  3. The Sims 2 Files may be hard to navigate, but it does have some good content. It also has a huge collection of celebrity Sims, so if you want your Sims to look like Nadia Bjorlin, head over to this site.
  4. Paysites Must be Destroyed gives you access to all of the paid material on other sites for free.
  5. Parsimonious offers fantasy style content that looks really different.

Appletell can’t assure the downloads are safe, but I’ve downloaded just about every one and haven’t had a single problem. Have fun!

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    I love SIMS2