Microsoft says Xbox Live iPhone apps must be free

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Microsoft, maker of the evil Windows, Xbox 360 and Xbox Live, has not made an iPhone application of any sort, but faithful fans and users have taken the task into their own hands and created a few apps of their own. Microsoft is apparently not offended by the apps’ presence in the iTunes store, but they will not stand idly by while 3rd party developers reap the benefits of their service. The Redmond Giant has demanded iPhone Xbox Live apps be available at no cost. It is becoming clear that the Xbox division is one of Microsoft’s strongest, and is certainly showing its prowess by looking out for end-users, and subsequently saving them a buck or two.

iPhone and iPod touch owners can check out a few Xbox Live apps: XBOX Live Friends, Xbox Live Friends, iLive ($1.99).

Via [1337Pwn Blog]

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  • Radek

    More likely they don't wan't Apple making profit on Xbox