Create your own iPhone flashlight (without apps)

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iPhone Torch Flashlight backgroundSince the opening of the App Store, we have seen numerous apps to turn the iPhone into quite possibly the most expensive flashlight you own and carry around in your pocket.

But there’s one fatal flaw in all of this for me; the lack of simplicity. Generally, when I need my iPhone to function as a flashlight, I need it now. I don’t want to unlock my phone, get out of the app I’m already in, swipe through my pages, and then finally launch that torch program that’s hiding inside. It takes too long.

I’ve got a solution. It is not the most elegant solution, and you might lose a little of the customization we iPhone users have become used to, but, it works, and it works fast. You don’t even have to unlock your phone.

All you have to do is create a background for the iPhone that is either completely white, or mostly white. A standard iPhone background is 320 by 480 pixels, so if you’re used to editing images, it’s easy enough to make your own. Note that you can make your backgrounds bigger; the iPhone allows you to move them around and zoom in and out to have them just where you want them.

Of course, you don’t have to use white; that’s just the brightest. Maybe you need green, to express just how much you love the Earth. That’s cool, too. You could even add a little text, or a logo to make it at least a little decorative.

For those of you who aren’t so hot with making your own, or would just rather download it, I’ve made two sample backgrounds for your lighting needs. The first is just plain white, and the second has an Apple Logo, just so you never forget what’s on the back of the iPhone. I also made the one with the Apple Log a little taller than the standard 480 pixels so you can have some freedom of Apple Logo positioning.

Here are the two files

Download [Plain White Torch]

Download White [Torch with Apple Logo]

Just set one of the images as your background via the normal method of syncing the image to your iPhone through iTunes and selecting it on the device.

The only real downside to this is that your brightness level setting will affect the usability. Still, I think it’s a better solution than any flashlight app out there; simply because all you have to do is hit either the sleep/wake button or the home button, and there it is.

But if you still disagree with me, there is always Flashlight, myLite Flashlight and FiatLux…and those are just the free ones.

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  • Siavash

    Well written… I've had this similar background since day one.