More evidence for the Kevin Rose iPod nano rumors

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iPod nano redesignLast week, we reported on some rumors via Digg’s Kevin Rose about a possible iPod Nano redesign. MacRumors is providing some more evidence for that rumor with some pics and details from a semi-reliable Chinese website.

The website, iDealsChina, has been right before. They leaked the case redesign for the iPhone 3G. This time, they are claiming they have leaked 3D renderings of a possible 4th generation iPod Nano redesign. At right, you can see one of these 3D renders.

The pictures and details seem to line up with what Kevin Rose had previously predicted. The screen appears to be curved and wider (or taller depending on your perspective). The new screen would allow playback of widescreen videos.

But, at the end of the day, it’s still just a rumor; a rumor with a lot of backing and which honestly sounds like part of the natural progression of the product. Only time will tell.

MacRumors also points out a separate bonus rumor that says there is an update is in order for the iPod Touch that could include GPS. I wouldn’t hold your breathe on that one, though.

Read [iDealsChina via MacRumors]

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  • Nicolás

    If this is real, then why does the new design has an USB port at the bottom? (You can't see that here, it's on iDealsChina).
    A taller screen would be nice, but curving the edges like that just seems plain awful, almost cheap.

  • Mark Rowland

    Warning to Apple- None of your products will ever be purchased by me if you stoop to the level of the rumored Nano design. IT IS AWFUL. Stick with the current design for at least another half a year. I would really like my 3rd gen. Nano to not be outdated for at least that long at the very least.

  • scottylans

    I agree with Mark completely, this new look is horrible, I like the 3g nano.

    The only thing better would be a touch, in the nano size.

  • Mark Rowland


    I think that a nano-sized touch would be too hard to work with. I really have no clue what the new version will look like, nor will I (or want to) speculate. I think it will be a pleasant surprise when the announcement comes around.

  • Bob

    I think that new speclated design look horrible compared to the previous ipod designs that have come out of apple!!!!
    i hope that this is just a rumour and nothing more than that!!