Another iPhone controller case…from a major accessory manufacturer [update]

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Belkin JoyPod iPhone controller caseLast week, we reported on the upcoming controller case for the iPhone called iControlPad. The main issue that many—myself included—had with this potentially awesome product is that it seems to only have support with jailbroken iPhones, since Apple has yet to allow any such attachments. Hope is on the horizon though; Touch Arcade has a juicy rumor about another similar controller designed with App Store games in mind.

The rumor originated with an anonymous tip in the form of an image, displayed above. The picture is of a rather bland looking controller case for the iPhone; pretty nondescript. But a new image has since surfaced, and you might not expect who is supposedly behind this potential product. None other than Belkin.

Belkin JoyPod iPhone controller case

I’ll admit it, I’m not so hot on my foreign languages, but Touch Arcade has the details about the JoyPod.

The ad copy promotes using the Joypod to squeeze the most out of your iPhone or iPod Touch to play App Store games in the easiest way. Other features listed include:

  • 8 buttons total (6 on the front)
  • Audio output
  • Dock connector for power and syncing

If this turns out to be true, this could be a killer product for many iPhone users. Accelerometers are great for some games on the iPhone, but I really do miss having some standard controller type buttons at my finger tips. Having on screen buttons just hogs screen space which shouldn’t be covered with fingers for proper gaming. But, most importantly, this rumor suggests App Store support for the controller.

The rumor also states that testing for this product is scheduled for October, so stay tuned for the truth of it all.

[Update: We’ve just received an e-mail from the PR Manager at Belkin, and this was apparently news to them as well. From the e-mail:

The “JoyPod” is not a Belkin product, but simply a false rumor. We have no plans to release such a product.

If you were really looking forward to this rumor panning out, the iControlPad is still in the works; though you have to be running a jailbroken iPhone.

Via [Touch Arcade]

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