iPhone 3G diverting smart phone sales

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iphonestealingbusinessEarlier this week, Morgan Keegan analyst Travis McCourt had some kind words about the iPhone 3G. In a note to investors, he talked about how one of the enablers of the iPhone’s sales is that it is stealing market share from smartphones.

He noted the ever increasing sales numbers of the new iPhone has put many other top-ranked smartphones on the back burner, and really put a dent in their sales. For example, before the iPhone, the BlackBerry Curve was the top selling smartphone, based on AT&T’s offerings. Now, the iPhone 3G has taken over its rightful place as the top dog, and, despite recent price cuts on the Curve, it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

McCourt also made the point that since the introduction of the original iPhone, sales of other devices have continually slowed.

Via Yahoo Business

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  • Satyam Kaushik

    You may be amazed at iPhone’s trendy looks and features. But think if you really need to go for one as it doesn’t support Bluetooth(see above). Out of the box you can only use Bluetooth to connect to a hands-free headset, so no A2DP stereo Bluetooth, file transfers or internet sharing. Pictures you take can be emailed to friends, but not sent directly to another mobile device. Similarly, there is no video capture and FM radio. Coming to price, both are priced crazy! On top of this, there will be data subscription charges from the telecom service providers.. Do you really need one of these?