Rumour: Apple’s iTunes 8 to feature HD TV shows, “Genius” feature, and more

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iTunes 8Kevin Rose—who recently rumoured the launch of new iPod nanos, iPod touches and iTunes 8—has just released details on what will be new in the upcoming relase of iTunes 8. Rose says iTunes 8 will include a new feature called “Genius” — it intelligently makes playlists from songs in your library that go great together. The Genius feature will include a “Genius Sidebar,” which will recommmend music from the iTunes Store that you don’t yet own. iTunes 8 users will also be able to:

  • Browse artists and albums visually with new “Grid view”
  • Download HD quality TV shows from the iTunes Store
  • Sync everything with the rumoured 4th generation iPod nano, 2nd generation classic, and 2nd generation touch.
  • Enjoy “a stunning new visualizer”

The September 9th Apple event has a music theme to it, entitled “Let’s Rock.” I hope Kevin’s sources are correct, because iTunes 8 sounds like a great improvement upon 7, and it won’t be your regular bug fix update.

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