Line Rider coming to iPhone, iPod touch

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Line RiderLine Rider is undoubtedly one of the most addictive flash games on the web. The popular game is set to come to the iPhone and iPod touch for the low price of $3—although some may argue that it should be free, seeing as it is free-to-play on the internet. The iPhone version of Line Rider will bring the ability of uploading and downloading tracks via the official Line Rider site. It will also benefit from the multi-touch interface for track creation and play; your tracks can be played out in a movie mode.

The iPhone and iPod touch version of the game will be in the App Store later this month; Line Rider is also set to come to Nintendo DS, PC and Wii. I’m sure this will be one of the hit games for the iPhone if the developers implement the touch controls in the right way. What’s interesting is that the iPhone is being treated as another platform, along with the DS, PC and Wii, it seems developers are taking the iPhone seriously as a gaming platform. I’ll definitely be giving it a try later this month.

Via [Kotaku]

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  • erichansa

    Definitely worth paying for. At least more than some of that other crap they have in the app store…

  • Jerome

    Looks interesting. But the best game ever on my phone is still solitaire!