Mockup of new iTunes 8.0 interface published

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iTunes 8 Mockup
After his rumours of iTunes 8.0, Kevin Rose has published a mockup of the soon-to-be iTunes interface. The annotated screenshot above shows an area of the iTunes sidebar, currently used for smart playlists, replaced by Genius Playlists. There is also a new Genius sidebar on the right-hand side, which is expected to recommend music from the iTunes Store. A button on the bottom right will start/stop the genius feature.

iTunes 8 will include the same 3-view functionality that iTunes 7 has. But, instead of the current list, grouped artwork and CoverFlow, it will have List, Grid and CoverFlow. The new Grid view will display album artwork in an aligned matrix and offer controls for playback via mouse-overs. The mockup also suggests a slider that controls the size of the album covers in the grid view; and sorting via album, artist, genre and composer.

Via [AppleInsider]

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