4GB iPod nano keeps popping up

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iPod nano 4GB
Hey, Apple, thanks for not mentioning these at that big, fancy event you held.

Seems either Steve forgot to mention a product, or retailers are the mistaken ones. A 4GB iPod nano has been showing up in several places. First at a Dutch store, then at Amazon Germany, and now on the Canadian Best Buy site, the 4GB 4G iPod (the fours are confusing, I know) are mysteriously popping up batch by batch all over the world. The only explanation, recently provided by an Apple spokesperson, is that Apple made limited amounts of this shrunken iPod specifically for international markets. However, it remains strange that Apple has not made an official announcement.

If you can live with carrying around only a portion of your library at a time, and want to feel special, this nano sells for $139 on the Best Buy Canada website.

Via [Engadget]

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  • Adam Fisher-Cox

    and why would I not pay $10 more for 8 GB?