Aluminum MacBook and MacBook Pros Spotted?

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MacBook ProAppleInsider reports that new MacBook and MacBook Pro models have been spotted by their sources, reassuring the fact that updates to the MacBook line are imminent. The upcoming MacBooks are said to have the same screen sizes as the current ones: 13, 15 and 17 inches. They apparently share a similar aluminium design—”as if they were members of the same product family”—unlike the current MacBooks and MacBook Pros, which have distinctive looks.

As previously stated, the new designs are described as a combination of the 13-inch MacBook Air from January this year and the iMacs that were released summer 2007. Back in April, AppleInsider reported that the edges of the new MacBook line would be trimmed and tapered, and instances of a black material would be used to contrast the aluminium. The FireWire 400 port and the 28-pin DVI-I port have said to have been removed from the MacBook Pro, and replaced with a smaller FireWire 800 port and a mini-DVI port.

Read [AppleInsider] Via [MacRumors]

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