Apple now selling unlocked iPhone 3G in Hong Kong

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iPhone 3GApple seems to be diverging from their general strategy of locking the iPhone to particular carriers in foreign countries. According to an article in the Washington Post, they are now offering the iPhone 3G unlocked for use on any carrier legally in Hong Kong.

On its Hong Kong Web site, the Cupertino, Calif.-based company is advertising direct sales of iPhone 3G, saying people can “buy directly from Apple” and choose their own carrier.

“Phone 3G purchased at the Apple Online Store can be activated with any wireless carrier,” it said on the site.

Offering free shipping, the 8-gigabyte phone goes for $5,400 Hong Kong dollars ($695) while the 16-gigabyte version costs HK$6,200 ($798).

Read [The Washington Post]

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  • Jackie

    They should do this in North America too.. they'd make more money.. 😛