Adobe wants to bring Flash to the iPhone

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Adobe Flash for the iPhonePaul Betlem, Sr. Director of Engineering at Adobe Systems, says that his team is not only “working on Flash on the iPhone,” but, with Apple’s approval, it could be available “in a very short time.”

Betlem was speaking at the Flash on the Beach conference when he dispenced this information. Apparently, Adobe has been working on Flash for the iPhone since March, despite Apple’s seemingly unlikely approval. Three months after starting, they were pleased with their progress. But now it’s down to final touches.

Details other than the word “Flash” are a bit scarce. For instance, is Adobe’s Flash solution a standalone app as required by Apple? Or, are they hoping that Apple is so smitten by Flash that they build it into a future version of Safari?

Will Adobe’s efforts be in vain? It seems the biggest current deciding factor of that question will soon be answered by Apple in the form of an App Store approval or rejection.

How badly do you want Flash on the iPhone? Don’t just let us know in the comments, tell Apple by Digging up this article. Maybe if there’s a big enough demand for Flash, Apple will assist.

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