Google’s Street View to be included in iPhone firmware 2.2

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iPhone beta firmware 2.2 google street view in mapsMacRumors has gotten word that the newest version of the beta for iPhone firmware 2.2 contains more than just bug fixes. The update was marked as “compatibility testing,” and we’re finally finding out just what Apple is testing the compatibility of.

New features in the newest beta include:

  • Google Street View – The Maps app will have support for viewing real pictures of an area on the map taken by Google’s cars that roam the world with funny cameras strapped to their roofs.
  • Japanese emoji icons – The lack of emoji icons is said to be a major reason for the iPhone selling poorly in Japan.
  • Auto Correct On/Off – If you’re an expert typer, or are just sick of the iPhone capitalizing your lol’s, you will have the option to completely turn off the iPhone’s auto-correction.

Still no word of copy and paste or notifications built into this firmware.

The inclusion of Street View into the Maps app is huge. This is one of my favorite features from Google Maps. It allows you to get a general feel for an area that you’ve never been too. It’s also fun to just “walk” around town, or even Apple Headquarters.

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