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PodcasterWhen Podcaster was rejected as an iPhone app for duplicating features found in iTunes, the developer, Al Sokirynsky, didn’t just sit there and take it. He began distributing it via Apple’s “ad hoc” program until Apple made him stop doing that, as well.

Well, Sokirynsky, channeling the rebellious power of a Quiet Riot video, is back again. This time he’s distributing Podcaster to jailbroken iPhones via Cydia, an open source project that allows people to put whatever program they want on their iPhones. What a crazy idea—that people could have the ability to install whatever programs they wanted on a computer they paid for, rather than rely on some secretive program to tell them what is or isn’t good enough (or what might potentially take business away from iTunes) for them to use.

Ahem. Macworld reports:

In order to continue distribution, the developer turned to jailbreak, the method for gaining access to the iPhone and first-generation iPod touch so that you can access its operating system and copy data to and from it. (Jailbreaking the 2G iPod touch isn’t currently supported.) In order to jailbreak your device you need a tool such as the iPhone Dev Team’s QuickPwn and PwnageTool. During the jailbreak process, the Cydia installer is placed on the device.

Jailbreaking is, of course, a violation of the User Agreements that everyone takes very, very seriously as they’re speed-clicking the “agree” button.

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