Same pricing for rumored MacBooks and MacBook Pros at Best Buy

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Best Buy Coded price listGizmodo is reporting on a tip they got today on a possible price list to go along with the leaked MacBook photos and MacBook case images we’ve been seeing lately. Other than having color coded names for identification, the prices are the same as the current MacBooks and MacBook Pros.

Best Buy price list for new macbooks and macbook pros

Just in case you’re having a hard time reading off of the picture, here’s the cryptic price list…

GREEN = $1,999.99 – 15″ MacBook Pro base model
PURPLE = $2,799.99 – 17″ MacBook Pro base model
YELLOW = $1,499.99 – 13″ MacBook top end model
BLUE = $2,499.99 – 15″ MacBook Pro mid model
ORANGE = $1,299.99 – 13″ MacBook mid Model
RED = $1,099.99 – 13″ MacBook base model

Gizmodo’s tipster says that the model specs are just placeholders until the official announcement. In my mind, this begs the question, does that mean that the prices could be placeholders as well?

If this list is to be believed, then tomorrow will bring a line-up of MacBooks and MacBook Pros that are very similar to today’s, three configurations per model. I don’t know about you, but based on Best Buy’s list, I’m planning on going green.

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