Even more last minute rumors about Apple’s notebook event

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New MacBookDaringFireball has yet more last minute details about the forthcoming MacBook Pros. According to them, it seems many of the details we’ve been hearing about are the real deal.

Here’s their list:

  • A new iMac-style black border around the display.
  • A single-piece aluminum frame. No more chintzy plastic trim along the edges and seams.
  • No more physical latch.
  • MacBook Air-style black keyboard.

And here’s the scoop on the new “buttonless” trackpad; it’s not really buttonless. It’s similar to the MacBook Air’s trackpad in that it’s bigger and supports multitouch gestures.

But unlike the Air’s, the MacBook Pro’s new trackpad is made of glass, and is a button itself. You just press and it clicks. This is not like the current software option where you can enable “Tap to Click” in the trackpad preferences, but instead a glass trackpad that acts as a physical button, with a click you can feel.

The article goes on to stand by Engadget’s claim that the 17 inch MacBook Pro will not be refreshed. It might be phased out before too long. The article differs from Engadget by stating that while the MacBook refresh may not be announced today, it is happening, and should be shipping by the end of the week.

All MacBooks across the board are to receive an NVIDIA 9400M GPU. MacBook Pros are said to include a second GPU in the form of an NVIDIA 9400M GT.

One last final detail from this article is a product for that $899 price tag you may have read about. They claim it is a 24 inch Apple LED Display.

I guess we’ll just have to wait a few more minutes to find out just how much of this is true, quite possibly the longest minutes of the entire month.

Read [Daring Fireball]

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