MacBook price drops take AAPL stock price down with them

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And so it goes with Wall Street. Half an hour before Apple’s MacBook event today, Apple was trading at $109.80 (down 0.46). We’re now half an hour after the event, and AAPL is down -5.39 to 104.87.

This tends to be the trend with Wall Street, though where Apple almost always drops after a keynote. Whether this is due to products not meeting expectations, the continuing belief that people will eventually quit paying the premium for Apple products, or to any number of other factors that I don’t get paid six figures to understand, I’ll leave to those who do get paid six figures to understand.

Regarding said premium, I find it somewhat amusing that Apple’s only option, apparently, to hit the sub-$1,000 market on MacBooks was to lower the price of the low-end MacBook by $100 and not give it the updates of the other models. If our economy wasn’t in shambles right now, would Apple have even bothered with this? Why keep that old style MacBook around at all when everything else is going Aluminum, other than to have something…anything out there with a price that doesn’t require a comma?

And will anyone really buy it just to save $300?

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